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David Tedesco


DNT Creative Media LLC is owned and operated by David Tedesco. He has over 15 years' experience in photography and video production as well as having a degree in Film/Video Studies (now called "Screen Arts and Culture") from the University of Michigan. As a side effect of his photography he also had to branch out and learn additional media techniques in videography, writing (both of which he still enjoys as hobbies), web design, and audio processing.


In 2013, David decided to use these skills to start up DNT Creative Media, which is now his full-time job, to bring his skills and experience to projects by local businesses and individuals in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas.


David works with other skilled photo and media professionals who assist him in the photographing of live events, weddings, corporate events, in addition to other endeavors and productions (even a web series / feature film, called Pryor Engagements!). 

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