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Pryor Engagements is David Tedesco's (owner of DNT Creative Media) feature-length movie about a young man named Ben Pryor who, after he loses his job and his girlfriend on the same day, decides to turn his life around and start a "dating studio" (like karate, dance, or art studios but for dating) to help other people who are down and out in the frenzied world of modern-day dating.


With him are his two best friends, Hannah and Mikey, who, with ingenuity, pluck, and dedication, push Ben to try his hardest to make his dream a reality. Complicating the matter are Ben's ex, Stephanie, and shrewd and mysterious businessman named Doug, who both help and hinder Ben along the way.


With principle photography complete and editing deep underway, we're looking at a mid-2016 release of Pryor Engagements.


Our phenomenal cast includes Al Fallick as Ben Pryor, Rayna Caskey as Hannah Drake, Chris Mana as Mikey Gunner, Debra Harrison-Lowe as Stephanie Weimaraner, Nick Boyer as Doug Dorian, and Wayne Madsen as Richard Pryor.


On our crew side, David Tedesco wrote and directed the film, Tabi Walters and Kelsey Dean were the hard-working and dedicated producers, and Ian Staley was the assistant director.

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